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Seakore Creative Studio

Creativity Starts with “I” ...... Inspiration
Seakore Creative Studio helps businesses deliver exceptional visual experiences to their audiences and customers by combining compelling design ideas, business strategy, and unparalleled customer service.

Each project and task is unique as it pertains to your business. We focus on delivering to your audience the best possible visual communication solution to your audienceand can help you to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Our experience in innovative media, brand development, advertising design and motion graphics makes us an extremely versatile group of professionals.

We are dedicated to meeting your challenges, delivering on time, on budget and to surpassing your expectations each and every time.

In addition we provide services in English and Spanish.


Eleonora Sereglei
Founder, Principal, Illustrator / Photographer
My love for the theater and my desire to draw anything and everything since the age of 10 has brought me the pleasure to share the creativity and expression of pictures and drawings to fulfill the desire of our clients. Nothing feels better than looking at your work and having someone relate to it.

I grew up in Budapest/Hungary and lived for the theatre and surrounded myself with the arts and the environment where creativity was an everyday goal and occurrence. The moving expression of pictures, lines and human motion is the expression of passion, a deeper sense of the universe and its sorrounding energy. I live for it and in it.


Everth Fletes
Graphic Designer /Photographer
The cool thing about this gig is to be the creative solution to an idea that is born with our clients and is realized with us. Creativity and team work are what we are all about.

My experience started as webmaster for Molson Inc. www.molson.com and then progressed to work along side the award winner team Cybersight (Now transformed into Henderson BAS: www.theniceagency.com)

Christian Skoda (A.K.A RatSaladMan)
Cartoonist / Illustrator
Rocketed to Earth from the exploding planet Ratron, Ratsaladman crash - landed in Montreal, Quebec,Canada, where he was adopted by the indigenous peoples and given a human upbringing. As he matured, ratsaladman discovered that under our yellow sun he had developed artistic abilities far beyond those of mortal men - which was a lucky break, as he was also incredibly clumsy and nearsighted.

Ratsaladman honed his creative talents at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and after graduation set out upon a career as a freelance artist, illustrator, and cartoonist (AKA dishwasher).

Today Ratsaladman tries his best to blend in with human society as mild - mannered Christian Skoda. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, where he can be seen frequenting the local comic book shops and enjoying the odd pepperoni.




What We Do

- Web Site Design/Concept/Development
- Administration/Content Management
- Online Marketing
- Intranet/Extranet
- Programming/Database
- Motion Graphics
- F lash Based Web Sites
- Banners/Interstitials
- Programming
- Database driven sites
- Microsites

- Brochures
- Promotional Material
- CD Art
- Business Cards, Stationary
- Signage
- Presentation Materials
- Posters, Advertising
- Book Design

- Logos/Brand/Style Guides
- Corporate Identities
- Icons

- Theme Photography
- Art Photography
- Stock Photography
- Digital Photography and Editing

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